Meet Our Consultants

The Forum benefits from the expertise and contributions of a talented team of consultants who help us pursue our mission of seeing that all young people are ready for college, work, and life.

Improving & Aligning Policies

Shushanna Abovyan
Dillon Bernard
Youth Engagement Strategist
Timeka Braithwaite
Editorial Fellow
Caitlin Kawaguchi
Digital Engagement Strategist

Planning and Partnering for Impact

Priscilla Little
Senior Consultant, Big Picture Approach Training & Consulting

Priscilla Little has been working in the education arena and conducting educational research for over twenty years.

Larry Pasti
Consultant, Big Picture Approach Training & Consulting

Larry provides support to communities and states interested in bringing the Ready by 21 strategies, solutions and standards into their local work.

Alicia Wilson-Ahlstrom
Consultant, Big Picture Approach Training & Consulting

Alicia’s portfolio includes writing and research projects related to out-of-school time, youth program quality and postsecondary success.

Strengthening Practices and Programs

Emet Bergman
Field Consultant
Nikki Hale
Field Consultant
Jennifer Harris
Field Consultant
Clarke Hill
Field Consultant
Rachel Keener
Field Consultant
bob Maureen
Field Consultant
Amanda Ruud
Field Consultant
Stacy Silverman
Field Consultant

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