Nikki Hale

  • Field Consultant
  • pronouns: she/her(s)

Nikki is an international trainer and facilitator who works with leaders in systems to facilitate change, supports adults in youth development to lead with skill, and creates learning environments that challenge people to be more consistent in the way they show up in their work.  Nikki has over 30 years of experience working with youth and the adults who work with them.    

She has been a Field Consultant with the Center for Youth Program Quality since 2009. 

Punk Rock was one of the emerging subcultures when Nikki was a teenager. She lived in squats, was part of a youth housing group, a café, worked in a record store and volunteered at a community center. As she looks back the themes that have kept emerging in her life are: 

  • A spirit of collective rebellion 
  • Always coming back to creating her own maps and rejecting the maps of others that were negatively impacting her and others. (Sometimes quicker than others!) 
  • Finding a small but mighty tribe 
  • Service to others 
  • Learning new skills and knowledge to share with others who could impact the lives of young people 
  • Open to growing and increasing her impact on the world 

These themes are embedded in her work as trainer and coach. 

Nikki is the Founder and CEO of Nikki Hale Consulting Inc. and a Certified High Performance Coach™.