Mostafa Hashemi

  • Senior Research and Evaluation Analyst

Mostafa Hashemi serves as the Senior Research and Evaluation Analyst at the Forum for Youth Investment’s Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality. He applies his knowledge in analytical tools like SPSS, MySQL, Stata, and R Studio to assist in data querying, cleaning, and various types of analyses, including diagnostic, descriptive, and predictive. Additionally, he has some experience in creating interactive data visualizations using Tableau, presenting information through interactive dashboards and worksheets.

Mostafa’s work mainly centers on evaluating programs, with a particular interest in improving student performance and retention rates. He actively engages in thorough literature reviews in the motivation field, designs and conducts surveys through Qualtrics, and leads focus groups, along with coding qualitative data.

Mostafa holds a master’s degree in program evaluation and research from West Virginia University. He currently resides in Richmond, VA, where he finds a balance between his professional commitments and personal interests. In his free time, he enjoys activities like hiking and practicing yoga.