Jherconna Ford

  • Training Program Associate

Jherconna joined the Forum in November 2022. Her lifelong passion for education and children’s literature led to a degree in Creative Writing from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and a M. Ed. in Instruction and Curriculum from Trinity Washington University. As a Washington, D.C., native and alumnus, she was thrilled to bring her knowledge to the District of Columbia’s public-school system as a Pre-K educator and instructional coach. Prior to joining the Forum, Jherconna was a Professional Development Coordinator with the Lourie Center for Children’s Social & Emotional Wellness, Head Start.

Jherconna lives in PG County, Maryland, with her partner, William, and their pup, Levi. She loves puzzles, travel, and indulging in quality time with her niece and nephew, Emory-Scott and Xavier.