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Forum Flash: June 2011

Forum Flash: Top Policy Leaders, Youth Coordinating Bodies, Boosting College Success

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Leaders Honored for Helping Youth be Ready by 21 

At a time when budget cuts are slashing into youth programs around the country, the Forum this month honored policymakers who are taking action to help prepare our nation's young people for successful adulthood.


In a ceremony on Capitol Hill, the Forum named the eight winners of its first Ready by 21 ® Policy Leadership Award, which recognizes efforts that improve the effectiveness of government policies and procedures to help ensure that all youth will be "ready by 21 - ready for college, work and life."


The awards were presented at a special briefing for congressional staffers, "Coordinating Policies for Kids," which also featured the release of the first-ever nationwide survey of child and youth coordinating bodies. More on that below.


States Emphasize Collaboration in Developing Youth Policies

While child and youth coordinating bodies - such as Children's Cabinets, P-20 Councils and Early Childhood Councils - are critical to providing effective youth services, there has been little research about them - until now. This month the Forum released the first comprehensive biennial survey of state child and youth policy coordinating bodies, conducted with assistant from the RAND Corporation.


The study - the Ready by 21 State Policy Survey: Child and Youth Policy Coordinating Bodies in the U.S. - identifies 110 such entities, and reports on the breadth of their partnerships and goals, how well they use data and their effectiveness. Spark Action summarized the report and covered the ensuing two-day symposium for members of Children's Cabinets from across the country.

Helping Educators Get Kids Ready for College and Career Success

"Readiness" is in. But are educators prepared for the implications?


That's the question that Karen Pittman raises in the opening of her article in District Administration, the magazine of management solutions for K-12 administrators. Those who wonder how to talk with educators about more effectively preparing students for college and career might try Karen's message: Educators can ensure the readiness of students by understanding the elements of postsecondary success, and understanding the causes and consequences of postsecondary failure. Karen explains those factors and provides two examples of successful models: YouthBuild USA and ACCESS.

New Group Pushes for College Success 

Efforts to help students succeed in college just got a new boost with the launch of the National Coalition for College Completion (www.finishhighered.org), a nationwide effort to elevate the voices of students, organizations and institutions that support programs and policies that improve college completion.  The Forum is proud to be a founding partner.


The coalition's mission aligns with the Credentialed by 26 Challenge, which supports cross-sector networks that aim to increase the number of low-income, first-generation students who obtain postsecondary credentials.

Introducing the Pipeline to the Public 

Those looking for ways to introduce the concept of the Insulated Education Pipeline to the general public might find it useful to see how the Forum found an opportunity in The Washington Post. In response to an article that said teachers alone are not the answer to educational success, Karen's recent letter to the editor says, "I'd go further to say that schools alone are not the path to educational success nor the sole route to success for youth in transitioning to successful adulthood." This is one way to squeeze

into the mainstream media the basic concept of the Ready by 21  

pipeline and the role of non-educational institutions.

The Forum for Youth Investment is a nonprofit, nonpartisan "action tank" dedicated to helping communities and the nation make sure all young people are Ready by 21®: ready for college, work and life. Informed by rigorous research and practical experience, the Forum forges innovative ideas, strategies and partners to strengthen solutions for young people and those who care about them.

Publishing Date: 
June 17, 2011