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Forum Flash: March 1, 2007

Making a difference by collaborating, coordinating and communicating

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March 1, 2007


In This Issue
Save the Date!
Connections in the Field
Evidence of a Darker Reality: The Black Youth Project
Tips for Communicating Youth Issues
Columbus Symposium is a Success!
Oxford Scholar Shares Findings on Collaborative Efforts to Support Young People

Save the Date!

March 21-23: National AfterSchool Association Conference in Phoenix, Arizona where Forum Program Director Nicole Yohalem will be facilitating two "featured sessions,"  one on program quality and one on the after-school workforce. Learn more

in the Field

Featured Place: Los Angeles, California only sees about 50 percent of its youth graduate from high school on time, so private sector leaders are reacting and changing the way they do business. Learn more

Featured Partner: America's Promise just hosted a Leadership Forum, bringing together national leaders to discuss and develop ways to ensure that we reach 15 million children and youth with more of the resources they need to succeed. Learn more

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Dear Forum Flash Reader,


Building strong partnerships on the local, state and national level is central to the Forum's work. On the national level, Forum Executive Director Karen Pittman was recently named Chair of the National Collaboration for Youth (which recently co-hosted a Leadership Forum with America's Promise, another one of our national partners). On the local level, the Forum just co-hosted a Ready by 21™ Symposium in Columbus, Indiana and completed a case study on Ready by 21™ work in Los Angeles. The Forum also co-hosted a conference call on how to communicate youth issues and we've provided you with a link to related resources in this issue of Forum Flash. You'll also get a look at Karen's latest Youth Today column and learn about an impressive Oxford scholar who believes in the power of collaboration and capacity-building to change the odds for youth. And don't miss the Save the Date event in Arizona!

Evidence of a Darker Reality: The Black Youth Project

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Six in 10 African-American youth believe "it is hard for young black people to get ahead because they face so much discrimination," according to a University of Chicago report released in February. Karen analyzes the results of this study and others in her latest March Youth Today column.

Tips for Communicating Youth Issues
Many youth advocates struggle with communications, so it
didn't come as a surprise when a number of them expressed interest in the topic. The Forum, along with Voices for America's Children and KIDS COUNT responded by hosting a call with communications experts and youth advocates who could share their own expertise on how to communicate youth issues. Learn more

Columbus Symposium is a Success!

This recent symposium brought together local and national leaders to share how key Ready by 21™ concepts have helped to create a cohsive network of support and opportunities for young people in their communities. Leaders were also able to see how their work connects to efforts at the national level. The morning after the symposium, Forum staff met with representatives from the Council for Youth Development and key leadership, including the mayor, superintendent of the school district and the head of the local United Way, to discuss the progress made in Columbus, Indiana and steps for the future. 

Oxford Scholar Shares Findings on Collaborative Efforts to Support Young People 

Like the Forum, 22-year-old Sarah Schulman believes in taking a collaborative approach to bring about positive change for young people. In the midst of her research on collaborative practice in the U.S., England and New Zealand (as part of her work as a student at Oxford University), Sarah recently took some time to speak to the Forum staff about building capacity among organizations to change the odds for youth. To learn more about Sarah's work, visit enfusion-network.org or email enfusionnetwork@gmail.com.  


Karen Pittman
The Forum for Youth Investment


Publishing Date: 
March 1, 2007