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Iowa's Youth Development Strategic Plan 2007-2010

Iowa is working through the Iowa Collaboration for Youth Development and Iowa’s Promise to ensure that all Iowa youth have the opportunity to be successful…in school, in a career, and in life. Iowa’s vision is for All Iowa Youth to be Safe, Healthy, Successful and Prepared for Adulthood. To communicate a set of measurable goals that reflects this vision, Iowa adopted a framework that articulates four shared results:
• All Youth have Safe and Supportive Families, Schools and Communities
• All Youth are Healthy and Socially Competent
• All Youth are Successful in School
• All Youth are Prepared for a Productive Adulthood

State agencies have worked with their regional and community partners to develop a strategic plan to achieve these results for Iowa’s youth. This plan focuses on youth (defined as young people between the ages of 6 to 21) while Iowa’s Community Empowerment initiative has developed a strategic plan for early childhood that addresses children from birth through age five. Building on the lessons learned over the last several years and incorporating key principles of the Ready by 21TM Challenge, a youth development initiative designed by the Forum for Youth Investment, this plan links together efforts of
multiple youth-serving agencies across systems, issues, age groups, and settings. The four strategies for change included in the plan are designed to improve the “way we do business” so that all youth, and especially the most vulnerable young people, have access to the services, opportunities and supports that they need to become engaged, productive citizens.

Publishing Date: 
June 6, 2007
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