A Primer on Creating Effective Youth Panels

Three times in the past year and a half, the staff of the Forum for Youth Investment has had the opportunity to organize and facilitate panel presentations in which young people bring their voices to bear on the struggle of school reform. The first, at the Council of Chief State School Officers 1999 summer institute, brought together young people in and out of Alaska’s public schools to discuss what motivates them to learn. More recently, teams from urban school districts involved in the Carnegie Corporation Schools for a New Society initiative heard from students in Washington, DC’s public schools about their priorities for high school reform. And in June of 2001, the Forum worked with students from Washington, DC and Sacramento as they took part in a daylong conversation titled Students Continually Learning. Based on these experiences, the feedback of young people involved, our staff’s previous experience in facilitating dialogues among young people and adults, and our ongoing work around youth as agents of change, the Forum has created this short primer on creating student panels that aid in the process of reinventing high schools.

Publishing Date: 
November 1, 2000
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