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Steering a Course Toward Effective Youth Policies: Dashboards For Youth

Based on frameworks advanced by states across America and countries around the world, the Forum for Youth Investment has developed a sample youth policy framework. This framework, builds off of the metaphor of a car dashboard. If one wants to “steer a positive course” for youth, the first thing they will need is a clear vision of the areas of development they wish to promote. Then they will need a clear view of young people at different ages (odometer — which shows how many miles a car has driven), how they are growing and developing (speedometer — which shows how fast a car is moving), the amount of services, supports and opportunities they are receiving (fuel gauge — which shows how much gas a car has) and the quality of these services, supports and opportunities (octane — which indicates the quality of the gas in a car).

These dashboards offer a starting point for states, localities and organizations as they improve their policies and programs to better prepare young people for adulthood.

Publishing Date: 
January 1, 2002
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