Local Children’s Cabinet Network eNewsletter Fall 2019

Fall News, Resources, & Opportunities

The Local Children’s Cabinet Network closed out the summer with nearly 100 participants from 27 communities at our inaugural Summit at Harvard University. Now we’re ready to dive into fall with new resources, a special opportunity for “beginner” Cabinets, and a fall webinar to be announced soon!

Local Children’s Cabinet Network 2019 Summit

Our hands-on inaugural summit at the Harvard Graduate School of Education gathered nearly 100 participants from 27 communities for dynamic dialogue and problem-solving around shared challenges and opportunities. Check out Summit resources below and read more about Summit activities here.

Did you attend? Tell us about your next steps and strategies and how you’re using Summit resources.

Network Offerings

Members-Only Learning Cohort! Is your Children’s Cabinet in start-up mode or early stages? We’re gauging interest in a light-touch learning cohort specifically for new or “beginner” Cabinets. This group will gather virtually for periodic peer-learning sessions to share successes, struggles, and lessons in using the Toolkit to establish a cabinet. Interested? Email us at LocalCCN@gmail.com!

Open to All! Looking for support to set up a Children’s Cabinet or set goals in your existing cabinet? Check out the Toolkit unveiled at the Summit! This toolkit is designed to equip mayors and their staff with practical information and resources to launch a children’s cabinet in their local community.

Learn from Communities Making Strides!

Poughkeepsie Launches Children’s Cabinet

Mayor Rob Rolison and Superintendent Dr. Eric Rosser are partnering to launch a Children’s Cabinet that will create a shared vision and cradle-to-career agenda for child development in the City. Shortly after attending the Local Children’s Cabinet Network Summit in July, the Poughkeepsie team returned to Harvard with the Mayor, Superintendent and other local officials and non-profit leaders for their own Poughkeepisie Summit.

Due to the efforts of Rob Watson, a Poughkeepsie High School alumnus, the group of more than 20 had two full days to gather and discuss their vision for the local community and how a Children’s Cabinet can play a huge role. Coming out of that summit, Poughkeepsie jumped head first into launching a Children’s Cabinet.

“Any city that is serious about guaranteeing the success of its children needs to recognize its responsibility for what happens, not just at school, but beyond the school day,” said Mayor Rolison. “I couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with Dr. Rosser to build the Poughkeepsie Children’s Cabinet into a resource that will, for years to come, make sure each and every child in our city has access to everything they need to thrive.” The Mayor and Superintendent (pictured above) will partner with other government officials, community organizations and local stakeholders ensure the Cabinet reflects the strength and diversity of the individuals and groups committed to the success of Poughkeepsie’s youth.

Student Health and Hunger. A big concern for students is hunger. To provide fresh, locally sourced, and healthy meals, the Shah Foundation partnered with the Boston Mayor and Boston Public School District to revamp school kitchens. See this exciting effort in this short trailer. To learn more, reach out to the Shah Foundation here.

Innovative Financing Strategies. EdRedesign and The Children’s Funding Project recently released a joint report and op-ed on innovative financing strategies to expand programming to address the needs of children—from early childhood to post-secondary education and training.

Integrating Research and Practice. Ever considered a research-practice partnership (RPP) to tackle tough questions about what’s working in your community? Check out this one-stop-shop for learning about RPPs, getting started, tips, and samples from successful partnerships. This newly updated site builds on a learning group managed by the Forum for Youth Investment in partnership with the William T. Grant Foundation.

Who We Are

Jointly founded by the Forum for Youth Investment, Harvard’s Education Redesign Lab, and The Children’s Funding Project, the Local Children’s Cabinet Network is a growing network of city, county, and community leaders from the U.S. and Canada who are establishing and strengthening Children’s Cabinets to improve outcomes for children and youth so that they can thrive as adults. We support leaders in developing common goals, sharing and analyzing data, aligning stakeholders, and addressing resource gaps to improve policy and practice, ultimately serving children and youth more effectively.

If you want to apply to be a member of this free Network, click here for more information. We are still accepting applications on a rolling basis.

Don’t yet have a Children’s Cabinet? Share this information with your community leaders to spark the creation of a Children’s Cabinet in your community.

For more information, contact LocalCCN@gmail.com