The Intersection of Anti-Black Racism and Adolescent Development

“The communities and neighborhoods where adolescents spend time also offer promising avenues to support positive growth and resilience in the face of racism, offering places of belonging and safe exploration for youth.”

As a critical period for developing identity, agency, and belonging, adolescence is also a time during which the impact and effects of racism are amplified. The Intersection of Anti-Black Racism and Adolescent Development, a newly released report from the National Scientific Council on Adolescence, explores the research on how racism impacts key development milestones for adolescents and explores the power of adolescents’ social contexts to support positive development in the face of such challenges.

Join us for a Making the Invisible Visible discussion session in which we explore how this new report amplifies the role schools and youth-serving organizations can play in optimizing learning and development and intentionally counter inequities to ensure thriving for Black adolescents. This session will couple research highlights with real life examples of how youth-serving organizations and adolescents themselves are orienting themselves toward science-informed strategies that promote thriving.

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