Kimberly Pham

  • National Activist & Engagement Coordinator, Opportunity Youth United

Kimberly Pham is a national activist focused on improving the conditions of young people across America. She is focused on reshaping the narrative and culture of how young people engage in processes of driving positive change in their community.   Kimberly is a member of the Project U-Turn Collaborative, which focuses on learning and implementing best practices and strategies for opportunity youth in the City of Philadelphia.  She is a junior student attending Temple University majoring in social work, who has interest in public policy and social justice transformation.

Kimberly has been recently appointed by Mayor Kenney to serve on the Education Nomination Panel to assist with identifying members for Philadelphia’s new local school board. She is a member of the National Council of Young Leaders, which founded the movement Opportunity Youth United. Opportunity Youth United is a movement which is focused on increasing the number of young people who have access to solution-based leadership opportunities. OYU provides a platform where young people cannot only stand-up for the issues they care about, but they can speak up and strategize around solutions that alleviate or eliminate barriers they may be facing in their community and country.