Summer for All Webinar: How Coordination in Dallas is Making this Dream a Reality

This summer, extra resources and extra attention are being focused on summer learning opportunities. This extra attention and funding are increasing opportunities for high-quality and coordinated summer programs that support both young people’s academic and social and emotional growth. Through the Wallace Foundation’s National Summer Learning Project, our knowledge base of how to stand up, structure, and implement effective school district and partner-led summer programs has greatly increased.

Now, in the latest report in RAND’s Summer Learning Series, Summer for All: Building Coordinated Networks to Promote Access to Quality Summer Learning and Enrichment Opportunities Across a Community, we have the opportunity to look not just at what happens in programs, but what happens around them to set them up for success. In this session, we dug in deeply with one of the organizations featured in the report, Big Thought Dallas, to learn more about how they have built a coordinated network focused on summer and how their learning from the summer space has supported their work to integrate other focus areas, most recently social emotional learning, into their organization and network.

View the recording below.