Upcoming Event Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Making the Invisible Visible: Investing in Adolescents – A summer perspective from Chicago

Tuesday, April 20, 12:00-1:30 PM ET

As we continue our discussion and consideration of how to leverage the innovation and flexibility of summer, in this session we will turn our attention to a group that was largely left out of summer opportunities in 2020. While the pandemic necessitated an early focus on younger children there is growing recognition of the real-time impact on teens and the near-term impact on the workforce. The disruption of summer opportunities in 2020 had real impact on the success trajectories of many adolescents.

Just as it does for younger children and youth, summer 2021 provides an opportunity to reimagine the learning ecosystem for and focus on reengagement of adolescents. Home to the nation’s second largest summer youth employment program – One Summer Chicago – and continually demonstrating a commitment to ensuring equitable access to engaging out-of-school time experiences, Chicago’s commitment to investing in adolescents continues to strengthen. Join partners from across Chicago’s adolescent learning and development ecosystem to hear about their lessons learned about the impact of the dual pandemics on adolescents and how they are responding this summer and into the future.


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