The Forum has frequently used webinars to include stakeholders outside of Washington, D.C. in conversations about evidence-based policymaking. Webinar recordings are available below. Subscribe to our Evidence-Based Policymaking Newsletter to stay up to date on future webinars.

Strategic Financing for Effective, Tested Programs – October 2016

Shifting to tested, effective programs for children and families in a community not only requires agreeing on joint priorities. It also often takes identifying and shifting funding mechanisms to finance a new way of providing services. In the latest webinar in the Using What Works series highlighting tools of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Evidence2Success framework, experts described the components of a strategic financing plan for programs proven to work for children and families and new financing approaches being adopted around the country. This webinar featured staff member Elizabeth Gaines.


Identifying Community Priorities for Child Well-being – July 2016

Many communities gather data on young people to assess what services they need to thrive. But do those efforts document the needs and strengths that really influence outcomes? In the latest webinar in the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Using What Works to Improve Child Well-Being series, an expert panel discusses how the Youth Experience Survey, one of the key tools in the Evidence2Success framework, generates data on risk and protective factors that help communities address problems for youth before they start. This webinar featured staff member Thaddeus Ferber.


Preventing Problems Before They Start – April 2016

Tackle troublesome behavior among youths before it leads to poor outcomes like violence, delinquency, dropping out of school, substance abuse and teen pregnancy. That lies at the heart of “prevention science,” experts told participants in an April 28 webinar, Preventing Problems Before They Start. It’s part of a new Foundation webinar series, hosted by the Forum for Youth Investment, that highlights tools and strategies used in the Foundation’s Evidence2Success framework, now operating in four U.S. communities. The webinar series, Using What Works to Improve Child Well-Being, is designed to help local government officials, community-based service providers, foundation and nonprofit leaders and others working to improve outcomes for children and families.

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