Quality-Outcomes Study for Seattle Public Schools Summer Programs Summer 2015 Program Cycle

In the summer of 2015 the Seattle Public Schools (SPS), the Raikes Foundation, School’s Out Washington (SOWA), and David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality (Weikart Center), collaborated on a quality-outcomes study. The study was conducted in 30 summer learning program offerings at 11 school sites in Seattle, Washington, during the summer 2015 program cycle. Key findings include:On average, SPS summer program offerings demonstrate high levels of instructional quality compared to summer programs in other cities. Programs were also well attended.

Embedded assessments for math and literacy suggest that most students improved academic skills during the summer program cycle.

Summer programs can be divided into three performance subgroups with distinct quality profiles: Very high, moderate, and lower quality.

Students in offerings with very high quality instruction had more positive change on math and literacy assessments when compared to students receiving moderate and lower quality instructional experiences.