Ready by 21 Policy Alignment Series: Overview & Rationale

The Ready by 21 Policy Alignment Guide helps policymakers ensure that new child and youth policies align with existing efforts to create a seamless system of supports. The guide can be used to inform any policy that creates a funding stream related to children and youth, no matter what specific topic it addresses (e.g., education or youth employment or juvenile justice) and no matter what form it takes (e.g., a legislative statute, an executive order, or an agency or foundation Request for Proposals). The Ready by 21 Policy Alignment Guide consists of two parts: The Overview and Rationale makes the case for policy alignment and provides an overview of strategies to ensure that policies aligns with existing efforts to: collaborate, establish big-picture goals and long-term plans, administer grants, engage young people in decision-making, improve quality and accountability, collect and use data to drive decision-making and provide a flexible set of child and youth services. The Ready by 21 Policy Alignment Toolkit (forthcoming) provides concrete examples specific policy language that can be used when drafting or amending legislation.