Thriving, Robust Equity, and Transformative Learning & Development

This new conceptualization of youth success draws from more than 180 sources and makes an argument for new definitions to propel practice and policy that addresses educational and racial equity. The paper:

  • Introduces a formula and a rationale for addressing thriving, equity, and learning and development together that helps us better focus on actionable social factors;
  • Summarizes prevailing definitions of thriving, equity, and learning and development (and related terms);
  • Takes a deeper dive into the dimensions that contribute to individual and collective thriving;
  • Offers powerful and aligned conceptualizations of thriving, equity, and learning and development;
  • Describes the opportunities and conditions required to ensure that efforts to create “equitable educational outcomes” or “equitable learning and development opportunities” are as powerful and inclusive as possible.

To easily access the key concepts, these briefs, A Needed Formula for Youth Success, include:

The Readiness Projects seek to change the odds for youth. Together, the Forum for Youth Investment, the National Urban League, & the American Institutes for Research commit to upend inequities, embrace science-informed strategies, and accelerate progress.