Ready News: October 5, 2018

Choosing the Right Path for Successful Scale Up: A Thought Leader Conversation with R. Sam Larson and James Dearing

Free Conference Call and Discussion

October 24, 2018

2:00 – 3:00 pm EDT


You have a program that works. How do you get it to benefit more people? Should you partner with other organizations? How do you make sure you stay true to the model as you grow? These are some of the questions Sam Larson, James Dearing and Thomas Backer sought to answer in their report titled “Strategies to Scale Up Social Programs.”

In the study commissioned by the Wallace Foundation, Larson, Dearing and Backer examined 45 diverse nonprofits and the choices they made in three areas: their partners, their approach to spreading their work, and their call on the balance between fidelity and flexibility.

Join Karen Pittman and the authors in a conversation on how to define scale, the emergence of a scale up science, lessons learned, and implications for the youth-serving field going forward.

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Share Your Story at the 8th Annual Ready by 21 National Meeting


The Forum for Youth Investment is now accepting workshop proposals for the Ready by 21 National Meeting being held in Seattle, Wash. on April 23-25, 2019 and we encourage you to submit a proposal!

As you’ll see in the Request for Proposals, the workshops are designed to help participants dig deeper into the effective partnerships, practices and policies that states and communities are implementing to improve outcomes for young people. Click here for guidance into the four meeting themes:

  • Ensuring Readiness for college, work and life, by building competencies, abilities and mindsets.
  • Promoting Equity for all young people, and especially closing gaps for populations often facing great challenges (e.g., boys & young men of color, opportunity youth, youth in foster care, pregnant & parenting youth, etc.).
  • Improving Program and Practice Quality and effectiveness in ways that spark management & staff engagement and support better outcomes for young people.
  • Increasing Shared Commitment to changing the odds for young people through common goals, strategies and measures within and across systems & sectors.

The deadline for submission is Friday, October 26 at 5:00 PM ET. For more information and to review the 2018 National Meeting agenda for ideas, please visit the Ready by 21 National Meeting website. 

How Can Schools Effectively Implement SEL Programs? 

Blog by Ian Faigley, Director of Outreach & Engagement


School leaders have recently been asked to consider how to support the social and emotional learning (SEL) of their students. How this can be done effectively is the subject of a recent brief, “Preparing for Effective SEL Implementation,” by the EASEL (Ecological Approaches to Social Emotional Learning) Lab at Harvard University.

Several studies have shown that school-based programming in SEL is linked to a number of positive outcomes such as academic achievement and emotional well-being. But sometimes these programs don’t make as much of a difference as prior evidence would suggest. The brief by Stephanie Jones and her team at EASEL, commissioned by the Wallace Foundation, posits that problems in the implementation phase can lead to less powerful results.

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“Great Leadership Starts When We Stop Looking Down”

Blog by Jonathan Raymond, President, The Stuart Foundation


In a structure as rigid and hierarchical as the public school system, what is the most important role of a leader? Here’s Jonathan Raymond’s answer in a nutshell: Faced with a vertical org chart, great leaders cultivate relationships that are emotionally horizontal. In other words, leaders make themselves emotionally accessible to their colleagues by forging relationships through trust, communication, collaboration and empathy.

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100 Million Healthier Lives Fall Gathering Registration

In-person and Virtual Conference

November 10-11, 2018

San Diego, California


Every fall, 100 Million Healthier Lives gathers members across their movement to share stories, build and deepen relationships, celebrate the success of the movement and gather tools for the next phase of the journey. Leaders share stories and develop strategies together to address a fundamental question: “Whose lives are getting better because we are here?”

This year, the gathering is “headquartered” in San Diego and will, via web conferencing, include real-time participation from members around the world. Wherever you are across the movement, please consider joining this half-day gathering.

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