Making the Invisible Visible – The Build Forward Together Summer Challenge

What  will summer 2021 look like? It won’t look like 2019, and it certainly shouldn’t look like 2020. It could, with effort, begin to preview “the new normal.” The Readiness Projects Build Forward Together Summer Challenge is officially underway to help communities think about how we can use summer 2021 to document, design, test, or even scale up some ways to Build Forward Together to make a down payment on longer-term change to reimagine learning and development.

In the re-launch of the Making the Invisible Visible discussion series, we highlighted work already underway at a national and local level and brought light to the lessons learned about the power and potential of summer. The session also highlighted the exciting planning underway to make summer 2021 an exceptional summer of learning, healing, connection, and fun.

This session included guest speakers:

  • Jess Banks – Managing Director, Consulting Services at Sperling Center for Research and Innovation (SCRI) at BellXcel
  • Wil Cardwell – Director of Summer Learning, Boston After School & Beyond
  • Arthur Pearson – President and Chief Executive Officer of Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center

As well as lessons learned from Tulsa, Oklahoma in the partnership between Tulsa Public Schools and The Opportunity Project.