We are thrilled to announce we will be going to Seattle for the 8th annual Ready by 21 National Meeting, April 23-25, 2019. We hope you will join us!


i3 Learning Community Materials

Archived Meeting Materials>>


Sept. 11-12, 2014 Meeting Materials


Participant List


Learning from the National Evaluation of i3: Challenges, Responses and Future Plans - Barbara Goodson & Beth Boulay

Archived Meeting Materials


October 2-3, 2013 Meeting Materials

Agenda, Participant List, Bios

The Finance Project - Tools and Strategies for Fiscal Sustainability

Abt Associates - Studying implementation in the context of i3

Baltimore City Public Schools - Managing Relationships Between Intervention, Evaluation and Practice

National Governors Association - College and Career-Training Ready Standards

Education Endowment Foundation - From Validation to Scale-Up


April 11-12, 2013 Meeting Materials

Agenda, participant list, bios – PDF

Boulay powerpoint – The National i3 Evaluation and Tiered Evidence Programs

Bell powerpoint – What can i3 grantees learn from the new teacher evaluation work

Grantee Resources

NEW! Grantee artifacts from April 2013 meeting

Aspire’s i3 project portfolio CSR Colorado’s website

eMINTS flyer

Erikson Institute’s Postcard

ExCELL-e at Temple University newsletter

Success for All brochure

NEW! Huffington Post Blogs featuring i3 projects

Lessons from Innovators: Strategic Literacy Initiative

Taking a Charter Network to Scale: IDEA Public Schools

Lessons from Innovators: Children’s Literacy Initiative

Coaching/Professional Development

1. Coaching Resources

eMINTS in classroom coaching log

eMINTS classroom visit guidelines

Consultant post training questionnaire - National Center for Research on Early Childhood Education

Consultant (i.e., coach) teacher assessment - National Center for Research on Early Education

SLOPE Coaching Guide

2. Professional Development Resources

Education Connection’s Fidelity of Implementation Guidebook for teachers


1. Project logic models


Wested logic model

Wested theory of action

SLOPE Logic Model

2. Measuring Fidelity Resources

Program Fidelity and Adaptation article, UW 2007

eMINTS Year 1 Measuring Fidelity Report

eMINTS Program Evaluation Report: An Investigation of Program Fidelity and Its Impact on Teacher Mastery and Student Achievement - 2008

3. Other Evaluation Resources

NEW! Addressing the Research Gap in Special Education Through Mixed Methods. An article by Janette Klingner and Alison Boardman of CSR Colorado.

CLI i3 Lessons Learned

Children's Literacy Initiative Data Collection Process

Children's Literacy Initiative Model Classroom Teacher Data Collection Process

Children's Literacy Initiative Professional Developer Data Collection Process

Children's Literacy Initiative Teacher Data Collection Form

SLOPE Evaluation questions


Children's Literacy Initiative Coaching brochure

Children's Literacy Initiative Professional Development Brochure

SLOPE Teacher recruitment brochure

SLOPE press release announcing teacher recruitment

Other Resources

NEW! What Does it Take to Scale up and Sustain Evidence-Based Practices. An article by Janette Klingner, Alison Boardman and Kristen McMaster of CSR Colorado

NEW! Rethinking Scale: Moving Beyond Numbers to Deep and Lasting Change. A paper by Cynthia Coburn of Northwestern University.

NEW! US Education Delivery Institute (from Lorie Kaplan who attended workshops with them at recent conference where they used a Scaling Readiness Assessment)

NEW! NY Times article on teacher evaluation featuring Aspire

The Best Practice Movement. This is a fun, engaging read written by a journalist that tracks the quality improvement movement in healthcare, describes the players, key principles for improvement, and case examples.

The Improvement Guide. This book gets into the nitty gritty of the quality improvement approach in healthcare. It's written by statisticians, but in a way that any reader can pick up and use.

Make or buy? That’s really not the question. Phi Delta Kappan, April 2012. By Donald Peurach, Joshua L. Glazer, and Sarah Winchell Lenhoff

The Consortium on Chicago School Research: A New Model for the Role of Research in Supporting Urban School Reform – an article by Melissa Roderick, John Q. Easton, and Penny Bender Sebring on the role of CCSR

The Politics of Random Assignment Implementing Studies and Impacting Policy by Judith Gueron, January, 2000

SLOPE Task Management Chart


October 15-16, 2012 Meeting Materials

Agenda, Participant List, Bios & Project Summaries

i3 Meeting Summary

Feedback on Possible Communications Activities

Treacy Presentation – Online Learning to Support Teacher Professional Development

eMINTS Presentation – Effective Online Learning Communities

Aspire Presentation – Using Technology to Support Teacher Evaluation & Professional Development

CSR Presentation – Multiple Purposes of Data Collection

Erikson Presentation – Teacher Evaluation


March 1 - March 2, 2012 Meeting Materials

Agenda, Participant List, Bios, Project Summaries (single PDF - first attachment)

Bridget Hamre presentation

Children's Literacy technology presentation

Cynthia Coburn presentation

Don Peurach presentation

Peurach & Glazer paper, "Reconsidering replication: New perspectives on large-scale school improvement"

Coburn paper, "Rethinking Scale: Moving beyond numbers to deep and lasting change

Meeting Summary


August 31 – September 1, 2011 Meeting Materials


Participant List

Participant Bios

Project Summaries

Project Abstracts

Coaching Presentations by McCray, Madden and Hamre

Meeting Summary

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September 19, 2011