Children's Funding Project - Webinars


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  Nov 2016

   Is a Children’s Cabinet right for your Mayor and County Executive?

   The Forum for Youth Investment, the National League of Cities and the National Association of Counties
a webinar to help cities and counties explore whether a children's cabinet is right for them.
   Across the nation, county and municipal 
leaders are aligning multiple agencies to develop better policies,
    procedures and programmatic efforts to support the 
success of children, youth and their families. The
   webinar explored options for coordinating such activities through a 
children's cabinet. The webinar
    featured two models: the Denver Mayor's Children's Cabinet and the Fairfax County 
Successful Children
   and Youth Policy Team. 

  Oct 2016

   Strategic Financing for Tested, Effective Programs

   Moving to shared community priorities and tested, effective programs for child well-being requires a
   strategic financing approach to shift existing dollars to what works. This Annie E. Casey Foundation
   webinar featured the Forum’s policy leaders, Thaddeus Ferber and Elizabeth Gaines, and explored tools
   to help communities develop a “fund map” of existing 
dollars and develop a strategic financing plan.  

  Oct 2016

   Generating Public Dollars for Kids: the Story of the Philadelphia Soda Tax

   October 2016, the Forum for Youth Investment hosted a webinar on the story of the Philadelphia soda
   tax, a first of its kind tax initiative. Communities that are exploring ways to creatively find sufficient
   funding for early childhood and youth development programs will find details in how Philadelphia
   designed and launched the soda tax to do just that. 

  March 2016

   Polling on Youth Issues: Effective Best Practices 

   Leading pollster Celinda Lake joined this March 2016 webinar on the latest national trends in voters’
   views on children, youth and family issues. This webinar features strategies to consider in attempting
   a local poll, and how to use this tool to really catalyze local work to invest in children and youth

  Sept 2015

   Creating Local Dedicated Funds for Children & Youth: How Will We Fund Services for the Next Generation?

   This webinar kicked off an emerging movement focused on helping cities and counties address the
   funding crisis in children and youth services through the creation of dedicated local funding streams. 

   This webinar serves as a good resource for communities taking the next step in developing
   locally-driven funding to serve the needs of children and youth. 

  May 2014

   Mapping Public Resources for Youth & Families

   Fiscal mapping is a first step toward identifying and coordinating resources for greater impact. This
   recorded webinar highlights local communities’ approaches to fiscal mapping as a way to align
   resources with overarching policy and program goals.