Charting a Path to COVID Recovery

The Forum recently joined 50 other organizations in signing on to the Science of Learning and Development’s Alliance letter, “Charting a Path to COVID Recovery for All Young People.”

Across our nation, educators, school and district leaders, families, and students are focused on the difficult task of COVID recovery — working to keep children safe, address the losses caused by the pandemic, and accelerate learning for each and every young person. Recovery will happen, but it will take significant time and investment. There is a real risk that our shared interest in moving past the pandemic will create a false mindset that we can quickly “return to normal” in our schools and move linearly toward recovery. This mindset and approach will fail our young people.

To chart the best, fastest course for recovery, we must understand the full depth and breadth of the crisis, adopt a strategy that is both urgent and long-term, and address the needs of each and every young person. We encourage everyone to read and share this guidance for charting a path to an inclusive recovery.

Access the letter.