The Opportunity Youth Network, co-managed by the Forum for Youth Investment and the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions, convenes the leaders of the major existing networks focused on Opportunity Youth once a quarter to (1) assess the Opportunity Youth movement as a whole, identifying key areas that need strengthening, and (2) advance collaborative cross-network solutions to strengthen them.

Graphic depiction of the participating networks

Network of Networks Facilitators

Thaddeus Ferber, Forum for Youth Investment,
Ken Thompson, Aspen Forum for Community Solutions,


Network of Networks Participants

Employer Networks

Grads of Life Campaign
Elyse Rosenblum
Laura Thompson

Talent Rewire
Nicole Trimble

100,000 Opportunities Initiative
(In transition)

Youth Leadership Network

Opportunity Youth United
Dorothy Stoneman
Lashon Amado
Adam Strong

Government Networks

National League of Cities Reengagement Network
Andrew Moore

Federal Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs
Cheri Hoffman

Community Networks

Aspen Opportunity Youth Forum
Steve Patrick
Monique Miles
Yelena Nemoy
Ken Thompson

Learn and Earn to Achieve Potential (LEAP)
Patrice Cromwell

Opportunity Works
Lili Allen

Communities Collaborating to Reconnect Youth Network
Kisha Bird

Workforce Program Networks

National Youth Employment Network
Thomas Showalter

Institute for Educational Leadership
Johan Uvin

Philanthropic Network
Youth Transition Funders Group
Barbara Langford
Stephanie Krauss

Our Vision

All young people reach their fullest potential - in education, work, and life.

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