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As part of the Youth Program Quality Intervention (YPQI), many programs choose to engage with a deeper intervention that involves external assessment in addition to program self assessment. In external assessment, a trained reliable external assessor visits sites to observe a single program offering and scores a PQA based on the observation.

In contrast to self assessment, where program staff score the PQA based on their own delivery, external assessors are people outside of the program who go through a reliability training process to make sure they would score an observation the same way that our expert raters would. For networks looking to deepen their intervention, external assessors provide an objective perspective in scoring the PQA which is helpful in identifying areas of improvement.

Attend a live in-person or virtual training! External assessors attend an External Assessor Reliability Training workshop to practice skills and complete a reliability check. All assessors must pass the reliability check to be endorsed as external assessors prior to conducting any site visits. The training is available for the Youth, School-Age, SEL, and Summer Learning PQAs.

If you are interested in attending a live workshop, please fill out the EART interest form to be notified of upcoming opportunities.

Beginning in fall 2020, external assessor endorsements will last two years, with an additional reliability test required only on the third year, and every other year beyond that (vs the annual reliability test that was previously required). To extend a current endorsement into the second year (and qualify for the year-three self-paced reliability process), assessors are required to participate in a self-paced online continuing education process to be completed 10-14 months after initial endorsement.

External assessors will be directly notified with instructions to complete the extension process beginning 10 months from their endorsement through the email they provided when attending the workshop. If you are an external assessor who has changed primary email addresses since attending, please notify us of the change by contacting

The chart below outlines the new endorsement and education process:

NOTE: We will review this new process over the next year and may make adaptations as needed to best support the learning needs of assessors.

The network lead can coordinate the external assessment process by helping connect sites and assessors, supporting scheduling, monitoring the quality and quantity of assessments, and managing the overall external assessment experience. The network lead also helps to coordinate and host External Assessor Reliability Training (EART) workshops if they wish to have multiple endorsed external assessors within their network.

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