We’re here for you so you can be there for them. 

Our resources can be adapted for almost any program type, size, & modality. Should you need something totally new, we offer custom trainings & research and evaluation services, too. 

Not sure where to start? Let’s think together about your goals & how the Weikart Center can help. 

We offer customized research and evaluation services for youth-serving organizations that help you collect data and use it to tell your story and to improve!

We can support your evaluation efforts by:

  • Developing logic models to align program standards and intended outcomes, with organizational and point-of-service practices
  • Planning for and supporting data collection, including observational assessments of program quality; surveys of youth, parents, and/or staff; and focus groups
  • Evaluating continuous improvement processes and program outcomes, based on the unique needs and circumstances for your organization
  • Customized reports, including data visualization and data storytelling that help you understand the big picture of your work and tell others about it too

Our team has worked with state departments of education and local grantees across the country for more than a decade to conduct comprehensive evaluations of 21st Century Community Learning Centers programs. We understand the latest federal evaluation requirements and how to leverage these requirements to support learning and improvement across programs and systems.

We offer comprehensive technical assistance (TA) for the Youth Program Quality Intervention process!


We help network leaders

  • Plan a data collection rollout, addressing issues like accountability messages network capacities
  • Identify trainings that align with plans
  • Develop local capacities for external data collection & training
  • Support ongoing data collection & program improvement—applying our experience with dozens of improvement projects to help you with any issue that may arise
  • Connect with other network professionals

We help program leaders

  • Lead a staff team through program self-assessment
  • Collect, compile, & interpret program performance data to identify improvement needs & professional development priorities
  • Lead program improvement planning with staff
  • Use the online scores reporter for entering assessment data & improvement plans
  • Monitor & report on performance changes
  • Conduct Observation & Reflection with staff
  • Effectively use staff meetings to focus on quality

We help program staff

  • Through brief, on-site in-service training used to re-introduce a concept or an idea from the Youth PQA or the Youth Worker Training Summit
  • With technical support for online training
  • Through co-observation of program sessions with program leaders

Our Vision

All young people reach their fullest potential - in education, work, and life.

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