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Ecosystem for Youth Belonging and Opportunity

The youth-serving fields are made up of complex and dynamic relationships within and across systems. To create truly equitable opportunities for young people, leaders and systems need to collaborate to provide quality support, forming a multi-dimensional Youth Development Ecosystem.

This new graphic illustrates how supportive relationships and cross-system coordination are key to young people achieving their highest potential in education, work, and life.

State Efforts to Track Workforce Outcomes: Lessons Learned in Pursuit of a National Longitudinal Database

October 4, 2023

Discover how 40 states are using State Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) to shape education policy, track student readiness, and improve workforce outcomes. Explore real-world examples from Connecticut's P20 WIN, Indiana's Performance Management Hub, and Kentucky’s Center for Statistics, and learn why a national longitudinal database is the future of informed policymaking in education and beyond.

From Summer Camp to Lasting Impact: Reflecting on Six Decades of Support for Active Learning

August 28, 2023

It's been 60 years since David P. Weikart founded the summer camp that inspired the Youth Program Quality Improvement (YPQI) approach, a signature of the Forum's Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality. From summer camp to now, Dr. Kim Robinson shares her reflections on the five critical ingredients that represent areas that adults can and should support for young people in all types of settings, at all times.

The Five A’s to Navigating SEL from the Inside Out with Older Youth

August 1, 2023

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is essential for young people to navigate the ever-increasing challenges of today's world. While many SEL programs and much of the research to date have focused on elementary school-aged children, more recent research shows that middle and high school-aged youth can also show substantial benefits from explicit opportunities for social and emotional development.

Summer for All: How Coordination in Dallas is Making this Dream a Reality Highlights

June 27, 2022

Recently, the Forum's Katherine Plog Martinez spoke with Sergio Garcia, Senior Manager of Learning Systems at Big Thought Dallas, to learn more about how they have built a coordinated network focused on summer and how their learning from the summer space has supported their work to integrate other focus areas, most recently social emotional learning, into their organization and network. Below please find highlights of the conversation.

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