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The Weikart Center’s workshops are broadly organized into two phases: Training and Capacity Building. 

Training comes first. These workshops are geared toward helping you become familiar with the YPQI process and learn how to apply it effectively.

Already a YPQI expert and wanting to take the lead? Click over to Capacity Building.

Introduction to Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

This free online course makes the case for program quality and its importance in fostering youth engagement, skill development, and youth outcomes (the QuEST model). Throughout it, you'll learn about the common elements of CQI and plan your next steps to support quality improvement in your youth program, organization, or network. Register by filling out this form.

PQA Basics

This workshop trains lead site staff on the YPQI process, PQA tool, and prepares participants to lead the self-assessment process with their team.

External Assessor Reliability Training (EART)

This workshop trains experienced PQA users to qualify for a two-year endorsement as External Assessors. Check out the EART FAQ page for more information.

Planning with Data

With PQA score reports in hand, participants practice reading their data, learn what it takes to set and refine their improvement goals, and realize the change within their program. This workshop supports site teams in setting goals and aligning resources for improvement.

Youth Work Methods Workshops

Built on more than 50 years of research and practice in positive youth development, these 10 interactive workshops are modeled on the Weikart Center’s pyramid of program quality & designed to give point-of-service staff practical skills they can implement immediately.

Social & Emotional Learning Youth Work Methods Workshops

The suite of 10 workshops, aligned to the SEL PQA and Preparing Youth to Thrive, are hands-on workshops that provide participants with SEL skills geared to improve the quality of staff interactions with youth and support youth SEL skill development.

Building Racial Equity into Youth Program Quality Initiatives

These four new virtual workshops focus on integrating racial equity strategies into Youth Program Quality Improvement (YPQI) efforts. Each workshop includes strategies tailored to support people who play different roles in YPQI systems.

Leadership Practices Series: Strategies for Implementing SEL

This series of workshops is designed to strengthen the skills of leaders to support staff with SEL in mind. Rooted in social, emotional, and cognitive learning and development, these workshops complement our SEL Methods suite.

Quality Coaching

This training supports & enhances the skills of individuals who provide coaching & technical assistance to program managers within a quality improvement system.

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